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Biotechnology is the application that has been developed in the field of biology. It holds the potential to fuel, feed, and heal living beings with the help of various prospective discoveries and inventions made. To succeed in the academic biotechnology course, each student needs to write the various assignments. Therefore, you can take our experts' biotechnology assignment help to score A+ grades in your academics. This will help you develop the confidence to do new inventions by changing the earth's face.

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What is biotechnology?

Biotechnology combines with two words, "bio" and "technology." This implies that when both these words combine, biotechnology comes into effect. Bio and technology are opposite each other while they come together, producing useful products and research. Biotechnology can be modified and used in the living organism's system and apply some technical methods to produce commercial products. The research and the products developed by biotechnology are useful for humankind. Biotechnology is renowned for its advancing discoveries in numerous industries, such as medicines, cosmetics, food, and agriculture products.

What are the fields of biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a wide discipline; there are several sections of science subjects that are attached to biotechnology. The interrelationship of subjects leads to better technology discoveries day by day. There are a few branches of this subject to pursue your degree, and these are:

Cell Biology

The study of the fundamental unit of human life, i.e., a cell.

Animal Biotechnology

The study of biotechnology that is restricted to animals only..

Molecular Biology

It deals with the structure and the function of macromolecules useful in the living world..

DNA Sequencing

It defines nucleotides' order inside the DNA molecules of all living beings..


It involves the use of both chemistry and biology about existing organisms..

Plant Biotechnology

The study of science is restricted to plants only.


It is the study of microorganisms, which appear under a microscope only..

Biomedical Science

It is usually the study of the functioning of an organ, cell, and the organ system of the living organisms. It considers being the essential discipline of biology.


This branch functions by analyzing and collecting relevant information about a biological system like DNA codes, and others fall under bioinformatics.

What are the applications of Biotechnology?

It is important to know the range of biotechnology applications to understand this branch in a better way. Let us look at the major sections of biotechnology applications, which would help you motivate yourself to pursue a biotechnology degree.

Biotechnology can be classified into 5 levels depending on its application in various industries. These 5 levels are:

  • White Biotechnology
  • Red Biotechnology
  • Green Biotechnology
  • Blue biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics

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  • Recombinant DNA Technology
  • Animal and Plant Biotechnology
  • Cellular Biology
  • Downstream Processing
  • Genome and Proteomics
  • Bioprocess Technology
  • Computational biology

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