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Criminology assignment help is one of the most in-demand assignment help by the law students as we know that the criminal cases are increasing like the wildfire. Thus the majority of the students are showing their interest in criminology. But criminology is not that easy for the students; it includes lots of sections about the crime. And there are a massive number of crimes in the world. Every crime has a different section. Thus it is hard for the students to remember all these sections on their fingertips. Therefore the students face lots of difficulties while doing their criminology assignment, and it takes lots of time to search for every crime section over the internet. Therefore the massive number of students lost their precious time to do a single assignment.

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What is Criminology Assignment Help?

Criminology is the education of behavior of criminals and crimes they commit. Also, it clarifies why the criminals act in some specific ways than normal individuals and the reasons for their different behavior. Writing criminology assignments can be hard for many students because it contains a lot of details to write something logical because Criminology assignment rotates around the crime’s concept relating to the public.

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Table of Contents

The criminology field:

Criminology is known as a distinct discipline that is a social science’s branch. It deals with the impact of criminal activity on civilization and the growth of crime. These are the topics to focus on criminology:

  • The purpose behind the crime
  • Societal impacts of crime
  • Incidence
  • Location of criminal activity
  • Consequences of crime

Writing an assignment on Criminomly requires a lot of detailed knowledge and studied over different cases that occurred in pastimes and recent times.

Types of Criminology Theories

  • The Classical Theory of Criminology
  • The classical criminology theory defines that the people commit crimes when they have the mentality that the crime they are going to commit will outweigh the probable punishment. The best solution to this problem is that the punishment of every crime should be harsh enough. So that no one will consider any crime as small or big for them.

  • Positivist theory of Criminology
  • The positivist theory of criminology is used to analyze the crime to identify internal and external factors. These factors are usually outside the control of the criminals. This theory helps you to find out the factors like unemployability, poverty, literacy, etc. are the reason behind the crime. And all these reasons lead to a higher crime rate. Therefore with this theory, the crime rates can go down if we know the real factor behind it.

  • Individual Trait
  • This theory helps us find out that there are a lot of psychological and biological distinguishable differences between the criminal and the normal people. It also explains that people with similar biological as well as psychological characters may have similar traits. Thus it teaches us that we can decrease the crime rate by reducing the interaction between the criminal mind and the noncriminal mind people with similar characteristics.

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