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What is HTML?

HTML is the abbreviation of HyperText Markup Language that is used to explain the web page’s assembly. This is the language that consists of sequences of web applications. Cascading Style Sheet and JavaScript are two important things that are used for HTML style and to improve the web page’s performance. There are various ways in which the HTML will help the user. These ways are:

  • HTML relates to the web page formatting.
  • HTML is used for creating web pages.
  • The component of the languages suggests the browser how to represent the information.
  • The elements of HTML are constituted by Tags.

HTML is nothing but a collection of codes, which is written in simple or plain text to make it more attractive and interesting. There are five components used for presenting the web page in an interactive way, and these are

  • Header
  • Main content
  • Footer
  • Navigation bar
  • Sidebar

What are the benefits and uses of HTML?

Because of various benefits, HTML is using by numerous web developers, and these benefits are:

  • It is easily driven and accessible.
  • HTML is available at zero cost, and there is no need for installing any additional software to execute it.
  • HTML is supported by all browsers.
  • This language has a high-speed loading time, and it is simple to use.
  • It can be used for both dynamic and static sites.

Apart from this, this language is utilized to create a web page's basic design and layout. This enables the user to insert text, animation, images, and links within the web page. The documents can create with the help of lists, link to the paragraphs, headlines, and much more. Therefore, it can be concluded that HTML is an important language used to create an engaging web page.

Why do students need online HTML homework help?

There are several reasons for not submitting HTML homework on time by the students, such as:

  • Lack of knowledge about HTML topics,
  • Insufficient time to complete homework of various subject,
  • Same deadline for submitting each subject homework,
  • Ineffective writing and time management skills, and much more.

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  • Working with Links, Text, Images
  • Creating Links,
  • Graphics Using Tables
  • Developing Frames
  • Web content,
  • Dynamic content
  • HTML SVG Generator
  • HTML Media
  • HTML Graphics
  • Web sockets
  • HTML Canvas
  • CSS Layout
  • TCP/ IP Protocol Applications
  • Document Object Model

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