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Know about Quickbooks

Quickbooks is an accounting software package. It is developed and marketed by Intuit Inc. For it, there is an online and desktop version. Quickbooks is considered a beneficial accountancy software used by small and mid-sized companies. It assists the companies in managing all their financial and bookkeeping duties and focuses on more significant responsibilities. Accounting responsibilities can be efficiently handled using this software. Also, it is easier and much faster to make payments.

This software involves a cloud version that you can use anytime. Moreover, QuickBooks allows you to observe your accounts and your records from any place.

Solutions provided by Quickbooks

It includes many solutions such as

  • Business payments,
  • Employee payroll functions,
  • Cash flow,
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reports,
  • Track inventories,
  • Simplify all types of business taxes ( GST, PST, etc.)

What is the purpose of assigning Quickbooks assignment?

The main purpose of assigning this assignment is that students get knowledge of this accounting software. It is widely used in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia for professional practice.

Students will know to set up general ledger accounts, including manufacturing operations, everyday business transactions, enter journal entries, and create standard output reports with the help of Quickbooks

Some benefits of Quickbooks accounting software-

Many people think that-

What are the benefits of using Quickbooks?

Yes, it is beneficial, because of the following reasons-

1 Helpful in managing finances and reports

Every company wants a proper estimation of expenditure and sales. Also, the company wants an end-to-end report on all the financial transactions. Quickbooks business helps in managing finance and reports. It includes an income tracker in it. You can enter every transaction in it.

2 Easy to use

One main problem of some accounting softwares is difficult to use and learn. On the other hand, Quickbooks is created to be simple to understand and easy to use. Moreover, it is helpful for those who don't know accounting and finance.

3 Affordable software

Many startups have a tight budget in the starting of operation but selecting an accounting system is necessary. Quickbooks is one of the affordable software in the market that is available at affordable monthly fees.

4 Security of data

Data is one of the important assets for the company, so it is important to keep it safe and secure. Quickbooks guarantee this. Its data centers are continually monitored the data.

5 Constantly improving

It is a great benefit of Quickbooks software. There is continuous improvement in it that is always helpful for running your business. New features are frequently introduced. As a result, it quickly covers all your financial areas.

What are the problems students face while writing Quickbooks assignments?

The students have to complete the Quickbooks assignment as a part of their accountancy course by the professor. In some cases, they have to complete it on the desktop version, and in a few cases, they have to do it on the online version.

The students must enter month-long accounting transactions in Quickbooks. Also, make financial statements and many other reports. The students face difficulty in the following areas of the Quickbooks assignment are as follows-

  • Difficulty in formulating the company
  • Difficulty in formulating an accounting chart and recording opening balances
  • A problem in mentioning the transactions of purchase return and sales return.
  • A problem in record-keeping of payroll liabilities and payroll expenses for the period.
  • A problem in recording adjustments of year-end.

The Students also face the problem of lack of time while completing their Quickbooks assignments as they usually have a job along with their study. International students find it very difficult to create a balance between college, jobs, and assignments. Therefore, they start finding Quickbooks help near me.

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Quickbooks Assignment Help Sample and Student Feedback

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Quickbooks assignment topics-

We cover almost all topics related to this assignment. Some of them are as follows-

  • Managing your Company File
  • Setting up Item List (Inventory)
  • Budget & Forecast, Multi-Currency features, Reporting with Foreign Currency.
  • Enter Manual Checks, Account Payable (A/P) Reports, Vendor Credits, Memorize Bills
  • Everyday Tasks, Purchasing Inventory, Entering and Paying Bills, Working with Sales Invoices, Receiving Payment from Customers, Manage GST, General Journal Entry
  • Working with Bank Accounts, Working with Other Accounts, Setting up Item List (Inventory), Setting up and tracking of GST, Purchasing Inventory
  • Accounts Receivable, Sales & Customer Preference, Add & Modify Customer Lists, Create Invoices, Create and Manage Statements, Create Sales Receipts, Receive Payment.

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