What are the top 2 food items sold most in the month with the lease overall sales?




It's now time to apply all that you have learned so far in this course. For this assignment you will use the file below to enter and manipulate data comparing Maryville Gander Dining Hall prices across 3 months of (fictitious) sales.

To Get Started

Using the files below, follow the instructions to compare the data provided. Your submission must include:

·         The theme as specified by the assignment

·         Use of AutoSum function

·         A Clustered Column Chart that shows:

o    Month Names

o    Project Names

·         All required formatting

·         Accounting Number format where required

·         A footer as the assignment dictates

·         Multiple Sheets

ISYS 100 Excel Project 1 - Instructions.docx

ISYS 100 - Excel 1 project.xlsx

Your submission must also include responses to these questions (25 points):

1.       Which month had the highest food sales?

2.      Which type of food was sold most on average?

3.       What are the top 2 food items sold most in the month with the lease overall sales?

You may answer these questions by creating a new tab in the excel sheet you are submitting. Name this tab "Questions".

A Few Guidelines:

·         You will need to submit an Excel file for your assignment - not another type of file.

·         The Excel file must allow me to see the formulas and functions used in order to qualify for credit. So if a question asks for the average body weight of the cars, and only the answer is provided and not the equation itself, full credit cannot be granted.

·         You can ask questions on this assignment in the discussion forum, but responses should provide direction not the answer themselves. (e.g. review the module on SumIf() function)

·         The work you submit must be your own. 0 credit will be earned if the work submitted is not your own.

When You Are Finished: 

·         When you upload your XLSX assignment file, be sure you keep it in the same format / structure of the original assignment file. Be sure to add your last name to the assignment submission.

Important Notes

Since there are multiple ways to accomplish goals in Excel, make sure that you are using the learning modules within the course to answer and solve these problems. To ensure full credit, you need to demonstrate that you're using the elements taught in the learning modules. Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Questions: Please do not wait until the last minute to ask questions. Ideally, students can work through this assignment while going through the learning modules.

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