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Monash University

The Monash University is a public university established in 1958 located in Melbourne, Australia. It is the second oldest and largest University in Victoria. It was established under the act of the state Parliament of Victoria by Murray report. It was titled by Australian general Sir John Monash.

Monash of University

The campuses of this university have been spread almost all over the world Clayton, Caulfield, Berwick, Peninsula, Parkville, Gippsland, Malaysia, South Africa, India, Italy, and China. one of its university campus Gippsland is yielded to Federation University in 2014.Monash University is certified by many administrations such as Group of Eight, ASAIHL and Monash College. The University has more than forty five thousand undergraduates and seventeen thousand postgraduates’ students.

History of Monash University

In the first batch of this University,there were three hundred fifty seven students, and this figure improved in following year. The university prospectus shows that it is harder to take admission in this university. Monash University is one of the top five universities in Australia. Facilities of Monash University

Monash University conducts research on more than 150 fields of study. Every year three thousand reports are produced by Staff of Monash University. At present, there are one hundred twenty research centers and institutes in this university. The University exhibits teaching departments.

Few courses are:

Art, Design, and Architecture

  • Architecture assignment 1
  • Architecture assignment 2
  • Art History and Theory essay
  • Industrial design assignment
  • Interior Architecture poster
  • Interior Architecture report
  • Visual analysis


  • Skills for writing in Education
  • Annotated essay
  • Reflective writing in Education
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Stand-alone literature review
  • Oral presentation
  • Poster presentation

Business and Economics

  • Sample Business and Economics reflective essay
  • Sample Business and Economics essay
  • Writing an annotated bibliography
  • Stand-alone literature review
  • Oral presentation
  • Poster presentation


  • Writing an Engineering lab report
  • Sample Engineering lab report
  • The stand-alone literature review
  • The oral presentation
  • The poster presentation

Assignment types

  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Essays
  • stand-alone literature reviews
  • Reflective writing (video)
  • Oral presentations
  • Poster presentations

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