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Online Trigonometry Assignment Help

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Trigonometry Assignment Help

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Help My Trigonometry Assignment

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What is Trigonometry?

Trigonometry is an important branch of mathematics that deals with different angles and sides of a triangle. Trigonometry allows you to find and calculate the exact angle or length mainly correlated with the right angle of that triangle. Trigonometry plays an essential role in different fields such as astronomy to define the distance and area between different planets, it is also used in mapping, layout calculations, etc.

Types of Trigonometry?

Trigonometry is mainly divided into two parts which work on different entities or available data regarding different planes or surfaces. These two types of Trigonometry are mentioned below:

Plane Trigonometry

Plane Trigonometry is defined as the set of methods and abbreviations used to calculate different angles and side lengths of a two-dimensional plane. It is based on two side coefficients (x, y).

Spherical Trigonometry

Spherical Trigonometry is much different from the previous one because its abbreviations are used to calculate the various related aspects of a 3D plane also known as three-dimensional Plane Trigonometry. In spherical Trigonometry there mainly three coefficients are used which are (x, y, z).

Abbreviation and definition chart of Trigonometric function.

Trigonometry and Trigonometric functions are used by many data experts in different fields in order to observe wave formed data such as astronomy to determine the huge distances, sides, surface areas and etc, in radiations and wave engineering, in data sciences, in electronics and electromechanics, architecture, seismology, phonetics, etc.

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Trigonometry topics

  • Trigonometry introduction.
  • Trigonometric functions.
  • Function names and abbreviations.
  • Inverse Trigonometry.
  • Inverse Trigonometric functions.
  • Euler's formula.
  • Cofunction.
  • Exsecant.

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