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Read the Link on Management and Leadership.  It will provide an insight and starting point in developing an approach to your analysis.

Create a report that addresses the most important issues you have identified in the case and how they can be addressed currently and avoided in the future. 

Do not just restate the facts of the case or answer the questions; discuss the importance of relevant issues and how they can be addressed/incorporated into a business solution. 

Successful critical thinking exercise will be three to five pages in length and incorporate the information and knowledge gained in the course addressing the areas defined in the analysis questions. 

Management and Leadership

("Help! I'm the New Boss.")

You are the new boss, a couple of years younger than your colleagues. Shortly after

your honeymoon ends, you invite a group member to your office and nicely suggest

that she change her approach to improve her efficiency, bring herself in line with

department changes, etc., etc. She listens. Sits back. Unblinking, she says, "Thanks,

but no thanks. I'll keep doing things my way. Will that be all?"

What do you do? Go ballistic? Calmly explain to her that she will make the changes or

be fired? When it happened to me, I didn't quite know how to react. I was a first-time

boss, a 26-yearold free agent turned manager. No one had taught me how to react to

outright disregard for my newfound authority. So finally I shrugged. I sort of mumbled,

"Okay, um, I understand how you feel, and, you know, we'll talk about it another time."

As one might expect, my career as a manager at the company effectively ended that

day. Word of my meekness spread, as good gossip always does. I would go onto

make every mistake imaginable, to the chagrin of most of the staff. I made Coach from

Cheers (a television show) look masterful. My boss, who had hoped I would find my

inner boss on my own, eventually cut back the number of people who reported to me.

It was a tough, but, yes, merciful call.

There is some solace in realizing now that I was not simply a young and clueless

manager but one of many young and clueless managers.

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