Discussion on the system software, operating system, firmware, and utility programs

computer science


1. Briefly discuss system software, operating system, firmware, and utility programs.

2. Discuss and compare the merits and demerits of assembly languages and high-level languages.

Assignment Expectations

Length: minimum 3-5 pages excluding cover page and references (since a page is about 300 words, this

is approximately 1,200-1,500 words).

Assignment driven Criteria (25 points): Demonstrates clear understanding of the subject and addresses

all key elements of the assignment.

Critical thinking (10 points): Demonstrates mastery conceptualizing the problem. Shows analysis,

synthesis and evaluation of required material.

Scholarly writing (5 points): Demonstrates writing proficiency at the academic level of the course

addressing the learning outcomes of the assignment.

Quality of references (4 points) and assignment organization (3 points): Uses relevant and credible

sources to support assertions. Assignment is well organized and follows the structure of a well written


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