Health Promotion for the program in 2020 lung Cancer



State target objective from HP 2020.

Description of Target Community.

Description of your "community" at the city or county or municipality level; in other words, “who are the people whom you will be providing your program for?” Include information about your target community. This includes target population size and target population demographics (you can typically find this demographic data from census databases or other national or local databases). Also include local incidence and prevalence rates of health outcomes that are directly related to your chosen HP 2020 health behavior.

***With regards to the “community”, I strongly recommend you target a relatively narrow segment or community. For example, it would be better to choose to target the issue of underage drinking and subsequent car crashes in a target community within your county, city, town or local school district versus addressing the issue for the entire state.

Provide detailed and specific information about your “Health Promotion Program”.

Your health program should meet your HP 2020 objective, health behavior and associated health indicator. Make sure to include your plan on funding your program, the duration of your program (stop and start date), what your program will accomplish (example, reduce teenage pregnancy by 5 % in one year).


Assignment should be a minimum of 5 pgs., excluding the title page and reference page.

Utilize a minimum of 5 references, only 1 can be the text book.

Provide details in your content to all the sections listed above.

Follow proper APA guidelines.

The community I use is Miami-Dade County...

And I picked Lung cancer within adult population in Florida,  Miami-Dade County...

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