Security awareness mobile application system

computer science


Security awareness mobile application system

Executive Summary

Mobile devices are turning into a primary segment of the digital economy, a style

explanation and helpful specialized gadget, an essential piece of everyday life for billions of

individuals around the globe. Present day mobile phones' improved abilities permit them to be

nearly as adaptable as a PC turning into a profitable business and stimulation apparatus. In the

meantime, clients store and process more information incorporating delicate data in their


A couple of years back the main worry of a mobile phone client would be his

correspondence security. It is not the case any longer. Clients must shield from unapproved

outside access to their information. Aside from the common safety efforts, for example, PIN use

and voice encryption, customers need to take additional security efforts and to take after newly

prescribed procedures. Sadly, as the review uncovered, clients aren't satisfactorily educated about

security issues concerning their mobile phones' choices and specialized attributes and neglect to

take after legitimate safety efforts and practices (Kandus, 2011)

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