State and local governments's differences and commonalities

social sciences


1. Discuss State and local governments' differences and commonalities. List and define Daniel Elazar's three types of political cultures. How does a state's political culture affect the nature of policies in that state? Are there any differences between a state, a district, and a commonwealth? If there are, describe them.

2. What is the purpose of state constitutions and why are some constitutions criticized? Describe the four methods of constitutional changes used throughout the fifty states? What are the arguments for Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy? What are the forms of direct democracy and how do they work?

3. Define Federalism. What are the advantages and disadvantages of federalism? Trace the pattern of federalism since 1787 to present day. What is the difference between a block grant and a categorical grant? Give Examples.

4. What is political alienation and how does it affect an individuals' decision to participate in politics? What has been the impact of the Motor-Voter law on voter turnout in the states? What is the difference between a political party and an interest group? What is the impact of interest groups on state politics?

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