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Using and citing a minimum of five sources, prepare a formal report detailing important information and issues revolving around your chosen career.

Work on your Final Project begins with your description of your chosen career as part of Written Assignment 1. The finished report will reflect your work on each of the subsequent activities and require clear language; appropriate document design and page layout; one or more visuals; an understanding of the technical writing process; the ability to use the Internet to obtain appropriate data; clearly written explanations, descriptions, and definitions; and use of appropriate correspondence.

Successful completion of the Final Project will demonstrate that you have met the course goals as described in the Course Syllabus. A useful place to begin is the Occupational Outlook Handbook provided online by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of U.S. Department of Labor.

Minimum Requirements

Careful use of the Handbook of Technical Writing is important as you work on this project, which should include the following: (References to Handbook entries below are in boldface uppercase letters.)

  • A COVER LETTER following the appropriate conventions of CORRESPONDENCE informing your Mentor of what is being sent and why. Your letter should also explain any possible action you might take as a result of what you found. Did your research confirm what you previously believed or did it provide new insight?

  • A FORMAL REPORT including a Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Body Text, Conclusions, Works Cited, and Appendixes.

Note: Your POINT OF VIEW in the letter is personal and subjective, so you should write it in first person. The REPORT itself should be objective and written in third person. 

A Descriptive ABSTRACT.

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