The topic is counterarguments



For this assignment, you will submit two paragraphs that develop counterarguments and two paragraphs that refute those counterarguments.

Addressing a counterargument is very persuasive because it shows your audience that you are thinking about their concerns. Even though you might not agree with your opponents, you respect them enough to consider their side of the argument. The idea is to look at the key objections someone might have about your claim and refute them. The assignment is as follows:

Write two paragraphs that develop counterarguments. Each paragraph should focus on one specific counterargument. 
2. Within those paragraphs, refute the counterarguments.

  •    Be sure to include your introduction, which ends with a clear thesis statement.
  •    Be sure to cite any outside source information you reference within your paragraphs.

Please remember the following:

Be sure you use proper APA/MLA formatting.

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