Database Normalization



Database normalization is a very important process in designing and organizing tables (relations) and their columns (attributes or fields) in a relational database. Therefore, what are the consequences (problems) if a database was designed without it? Would the database still work??    *there is only  a 100 word minimum be sure to cite your sources using APA style.  *please write in a scholarly manner.

Database Normalization

Normalization is portion of fruitful database design. Deprived of normalization,

database schemes can be slow, inaccurate, and disorganized and they may not yield the data

you suppose. Irrationally or incompatibly stored information can source a number of

difficulties (depaul, n.d.) . In a relational system database, a logical as well as efficient design

is impartial as dangerous. A below par designed database might provide mistaken

information, might be problematic to use, or might even flop to effort properly. Maximum of

these difficulties arise if a specific database was designed deprived of it are the consequence

of two corrupt design topographies named redundant data as well as anomalies. Redundant

data is avoidable reoccurring records (reiterating groups of information). Anomalies are some

existence that deteriorates the integrity of your information due to uneven or unreliable

storage (insert, delete, and update anomaly that produces the unreliable data) (Kedar, 2007 )

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