Marketing Research assignment



Question 1: Secondary Data

For a falsifiable market research question of your choice:

(a) Briefly state why you chose this topic. (5 marks)

(b)Identify the most relevant report you found on Passport (Euromonitor) and the most relevant

report you found on Marketline Advantage. Provide the report citations. Briefly state how these

reports assist in the investigation of your market research topic. For each provide the two most

insightful statistic/chart/data points you found. You may draw chart(s) if you wish. (15 marks)

(c) Indicate a related finding you derived on the same topic as above by using Google Correlate

and/or Google Trends. State the search term(s) you used and why it is related to the results you

obtained from the two reports you identified from Passport and Marketline. (5 marks)

(d)If you could scrape data on this topic what 2 websites would you scrape from and why would this

help investigate your topic? (5 marks)

Question 2: Sampling

(a) Describe a market research situation where snowball sampling is the most appropriate sampling

strategy. Be sure to justify why snowball sampling would be better than the next-best sampling

strategy (you must identify the next-best sampling strategy). (10 marks)

(b) When might you choose stratified sampling in a survey study design? (10 marks)

(c) When might you use cluster sampling instead of stratified sampling in a survey study design? (10


In your answer at a minimum be sure to include considerations of cost/complexity, stratum criteria and

sample variability.

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