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A computer network is a collection of several connected computers. On a network, these connected computers are known as nodes. These computers can be connected through cables, with Ethernet cable, or through wireless radio waves. The computers which are in a network can share resources like printers, Internet, file servers, and much more. A network can be used as a multipurpose connection that grants one user computer to work more things.

Kinds of a computer network

There are three kinds of computer networks. These are the following

A small selection of coursework help services provided by us

  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • WAN (WAN Wide area network)
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
  • LAN (Local Area Network)

    A LAN is a set of computers and its external devices that are connected with a shared wireless or communication line to the server in the same geographical area. A LAN serves for the three or four users in a common area such as home-office, central office. Homeowners and Information technology (IT) administrators set up the local area network so that all the network nodes can share resources like network storage or printers, and much more.

  • Advantages of LAN

  • Convenient for media sharing
  • A customer computer that connects all media data or files can be stored on one server. In any case, if a customer computer requires data; then, the user needs to log in, and then he/she can access the data from the server.

    The example of these media data are movies, songs, docs, and much more. The resources which are connected over one network can be shared with any computer which has an identical network. These resources range from scanners, hard drives, modems, DVD drives, and printers. Therefore, you don’t require to buy resources for all computers. Additionally, you can save your valuable money!

  • Sharing of Software Application
  • The LAN enables the user to share a software application. Any of the users can utilize a single licensed software that is installed on a single computer. Purchasing a licensed software for each network can be expensive, therefore sharing this software by LAN makes it cost-effective and more manageable.

  • Efficient Communication
  • Communication can be done fast through exchanging chat messages and emails. Not merely this, it can save enough time and makes the individuals more productive in the workplace. Any of the users log in to the computer over the same network and can access the same media files on a server. It makes communication time-efficient and more innovative.

    Disadvantages of LAN

  • Server Crash Issue
  • If there are any corrupted data or a file on the computer, then the connected computers will not be able to work properly because of malware over a server network. Therefore, it is mandatory to update an antivirus on a computer to maintain or to check the corrupted file. So, all the connected computers can work properly.

  • Possible Security Breach
  • If a computer server is not installed correctly, then there is a possibility that security may be leaked, and unauthorized users can access the data. Therefore, there are certain rules and privacy policies for installing a server correctly.

  • LAN Installation is Pricey
  • As a particular software required to be installed on a server, installing up of LAN is expensive. All communication devices, like, cables, switches, routers, and hubs, will result in a notable amount of money. In large offices, a particular administrator requires to manage and troubleshoot LAN issues.

    WAN (Wide Area Network)

    WAN is a kind of network that can offer transmission of information, voice, images, and videos over a wide geographic area. A combo of LAN and MAN that is used to design a WAN. The transmission of files and data can be done with the help of hubs, modems, fiber optics, switches, and routers.

    Advantages of WAN

  • Covers a wide geographical area
  • WAN incorporates a large geographic area up to 1000 km, and even more. If a workplace is located in different towns or nations, then through the WAN, one can connect their office sections with the use of WAN. An Internet service provider can offer leased lines through which one can connect various branches of the workplace.

  • Centralized data
  • An organization doesn’t require to purchase files, backup servers, and email, as they all can remain in a head office. All workplace sections can share the files from the main server of the head office, and one can get support, backups, and other useful files from that particular head office and all files can be synchronized with each other.

  • Several applications to exchange messages
  • With LAN technologies and the Internet of things (IOT), information can be sent quickly. Several web applications are accessible like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other media by which one can interact with colleagues via voice, video chat, and text.

    Disadvantages of WAN

  • Security problems
  • It has more security issues as compared to LAN and MAN. WAN has several technologies that are connected and can create a protection gap.

  • The setup cost is high
  • Install up WAN can cost you higher for the first time. It may include purchasing switches, routers, and some other additional security software.

  • Troubleshooting issues
  • WAN covers several areas; therefore, the issue-fixing can be a difficult task. There are several WAN wires which go through the sea, and sometimes the lines get damaged. It requires several sources to adjust the broken lines below the sea. There are several of the routers in the office of the Internet service provider (ISP), therefore fixing the problems on the cyberspace needs full-time workers.

    MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)

    A MAN is a network that covers a large area such as a university campus or a city. MAN can connect users in a larger area as compared to the LAN but comparatively smaller than a WAN (wide area network ). MAN is structured with a combination of various LAN via a point to point connection. MAN includes the connection of fiber optics cables to increase the data transfer rate.

    Advantages of MAN

  • Less expensive
  • MAN is less costly to joint with WAN. MAN supplies the excellent efficiency of data transmission. In MAN, files and data are efficiently accomplished in a centralized process.

  • Distribution of the internet
  • In some of the MAN installation, the user can distribute the internet connection with the others. Therefore, several users can get a similar high-speed network and can transfer local emails free and quickly.

  • High Security
  • As compared to the WAN, MAN has a high-security level.

    Disadvantages of MAN

  • Difficult to maintain
  • If MAN becomes more significant, therefore it becomes challenging to maintain.the reason for it is because of a security issue and another additional configuration.

  • A technical person needed for the installation process
  • For installation, MAN needs a technical person who can accurately install a MAN. Professional people can be needed for problem shooting and network administrators.

  • Internet speed difference
  • It can't operate on regular phone copper lines. If MAN is set up on copper lines, then the speed of the internet gets low. Therefore, in the initial, it needed a high charge to install for the fiber optics.

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