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What is Economics?

It deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and also includes the concept of demand and supply of goods and services. It involves how businesses, nations, and governments make certain choices in order to satisfy the needs of their country.

Why is it important?

It is important because it helps humans to make their life decisions in the face of scarcity. It can be an individual decision, family decision, societal decisions, and business decisions. It is the study of how society uses deficient resources to produce valuable goods and distribute them among different people.

Main Categories of Economics

Microeconomics: It mainly deals with the behavior of the units of the economics individually known as microeconomics. It mainly aims at determining the individual price of goods and services. That's why it is also known as price theory. Some of the main concepts dealing with microeconomics are production cost, firms, supply, and demand, etc.

List of topics regarding Microeconomics that our expert writers providing:

  • Market analysis
  • Ceiling price numerical
  • Demand and supply curve analysis
  • Cut off price mathematical equation
  • Analysis case study of specific companies

Macroeconomics: It mainly deals with the aggregates that take place within the economic system. It is also known as income theory. The main aim of macroeconomics is to determine the employment level as income of the involves factors such as inflation, interest rate, growth, and taxes, etc.

Following macroeconomics topics that our expert writers providing :

  • Monetary and inflation policy
  • Growth policy assignment
  • Financial policy and regulation economy

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