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What is Finance?

It is defined as managing money, including more activities such as investment, borrowing, deciding the budget, savings, and do forecasts. Finance is the art of money management. Micro theories drive the majority of the concept in economics. That is called finance.

What is Finance?

    There are four types of finance. These are the following:

    • Public finance:- It is a study of the income and expenditure of the state which treats the government's finance. It is a study of the collection of funds and their allocation. It is divided into three parts
      • Public expenditure:- This means that the government has spent its maintenance on the prevention and welfare of society.
      • Public revenue:- Public revenues include all income and receipts in spite of their source and nature that the government receives in a year.
      • Public debt is the loan supported by and is a source of public finance.
    • Private finance:- Private finance is an alternative corporate finance method that helps an organization raise cash to avoid limited frame monetary shortages. It specifically acts as a firm that is not listed on a securities exchange or unable to receive finance.
    • Corporate finance:- Financial activities related to running the corporation such as a divisional or department which oversees the financial operations of the company. This is considered with maximum shareholder value through the long term and short term
    • Personal financing:- Personal finance is the application of the principle of finance to the monetary decisions of an individual.

    Important Finance terms for students

    These are the following:

    • Net present value (NPV): NPV can be defined as the difference between cash flow over time and the current value of cash.
    • Internal Rate of Return (IRR): IRR is used to estimate the profitability of potential investments. The IRR formula is given below, where: CT = Net cash inflow during the period, C0 = total initial investment cost, R = discount rate, T = number of periods
    • Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) – CAPM formula is used to calculate expected returns on assets
      • Expected Return = Risk-Free rate + (Beta × Market Risk Premium)
      • ERi = Rf + βi (ERm - Rf)
      • ERi = Expected return of investment, Rf = Risk-free rate, βi = Beta of the investment, ERm = Expected return of market, (ERm - Rf) = Market risk premium
    • Future Value of Annuity – It is used to calculate the value of the amount invested in a future date for a series of periodic payments
      • FV Ordinary Annuity?= C × {[i(1+i)^n −1?]/ i}
      • Where: C=Cash flow per period, i=Interest rate, n=Number of payments?
    • Market Value Ratios
      • Book price per share = shareholder's equity/equity Total Share Arrears
      • Dividend Yield = Per Share/ Dividend on share price
      • Earnings per share = net earnings/ Total Share Arrears
      • Price-earnings = Price per share/ Income
    • Profitability Ratios
      • Gross margin = Gross profit / Net sales
      • Return on equity = Net income / Shareholder’s equity
      • Operating margin = Operating income / Net sales
      • Return on assets = Net income / Total assets
    • Liquidity Ratios
      • Current = Current assets / Current liabilities
      • Cash = Cash and Cash equivalents / Current Liabilities
      • Operating cash flow = Operating cash flow / Current liabilities
      • Acid-test = Current assets – Inventories / Current liabilities
    • Leverage Financial Ratios
      • Debt Ratio = Total liabilities / Total assets
      • Debt service coverage = Operating income / Total debt service
      • Debt to equity = Total liabilities / Shareholder’s equity
      • Interest coverage = Operating income / Interest expenses
    • Efficiency Ratios
      • Asset turnover = Net sales / Total assets
      • Receivables turnover = Net credit sales / Average accounts receivable
      • Inventory turnover = Cost of goods sold / Average inventory

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