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What is taxation?

The word taxation is not a new word we all are well familiar with it. In simple terms, it is the process of paying some of our amounts from our salary/income which is then used by the government for the infrastructure and overall growth of the nation. Money collected in the form of tax, the later the government uses it to carry out some of the functions like- social engineering, health system, or for an educational institute. It is used by the government to encourage or discourage certain economic decisions.

Different types of taxes

  • Income tax: It is the tax charged by the government on the net profit earned by the business. income tax return(ITR) is filed at the end of every year which goes from directly to your linked account.
  • Toll tax: These types of tax charged by the government on the vehicles traveling via roads, tunnels, etc. the amount charges depending upon the type of vehicle. For more information regarding toll tax, you can take help from our experts.
  • Corporate tax: It is a tax charged by the government on corporations like capital, income, net worth, etc. these types of tax can be different for every person. For more information regarding the corporate tax, you can take help from our experts.
  • Property tax: These types of taxes are paid against the purchase of property land or home. Before purchasing any property one must take care of all the taxes involved in the purchase.
  • Sales tax: These types of taxes imposed by the government on certain commodities that the public pays in their daily life. For more information regarding sales tax take help from experts to understand better.
  • Inheritance taxes: A person pays these types of taxes on property or money they have inherited after the death of a loved one. The beneficiary of the property is responsible for paying the tax. To know more about inheritance taxes you can take help from our experts.
  • Capital gain tax: It is a profit that arises from the sale of ‘capital assets’ is called capital gains. This profit comes under the ‘income’ category and hence you will have to pay tax for that amount in the year in which transfer of capital assets takes place. This is call capital gain tax.
  • examples: vehicles, house, building, land, trademarks machinery and jewelry.

    There are two types of capital gain tax:-

    Short term capital gain(STCG): these types of gain arising on the transfer of short-term capital asset.

    Long term capital gain(LTCG): these types of gains arising on the transfer of the long term capital gain.

Taxation assignment help from different kind of internal topics

  • Personal income taxes assignment: These types of taxes on individuals but not on the whole family. The tax amount varies as per income.
  • Property taxes assignment help: These types of taxes generally include taxes on industrial, residential, commercial properties. To get writing help on this acquire our personal income tax assignment help.
  • Goods and service taxes: These types of taxes charged by the government on the supply of goods and services. Get taxation assignment help from our experts.
  • Capital gain taxes: It is a profit or gain arises of ‘capital assets’ is called capital gains. You can take help regarding capital gain tax assignments from our experts.

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