C++ code programming.

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Simply submit one Notepad file with the code for each class. Separate the classes in the Notepad file so that I can see the four classes easily. You do this by selecting the code in NetBeans by doing a Select All for each class individually and then doing a copy into Notepad. Also please provide copies of your output.

Here are the requirements in a condensed form (look at the actual requirements in the course):

“Submission Requirements:

Your project submission should have four files for this assignment:

a. Ticket.java - The Ticket class,

b. Merchandise.java - The Merchandise class,

c. AmusementPark.java - The AmusementPark class,

d. AmusementParkTester.java - A driver program for testing your AmusementPark class.

2. Remember to compile and run your program one last time before you submit it “

In NetBeans, please use the following package: pkg.edu.walden.wk8 Also, please provide a copy of your output in the same Notepad file as your code.

Instruction Files

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