The Frankenstein Application Essay



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The Frankenstein Application Essay

For this assignment, you will write your Frankenstein application essay.

Literary works like Frankenstein explore the “human condition” or experiences that humans encounter. The study guides for Frankenstein offer several “Real Life Considerations” meant to

help you critically analyze the applications of the work's themes in today's world. Now, you will

choose one of these topics and explore it using secondary resources to learn more about the

novel and its relevant social topics. You might find information about social issues in familiar sources such as magazines, newspapers, or social science journals. Make sure your sources are credible

Your source will preferably be a scholarly one

Here are some ideas of places where you might find appropriate sources for this assignment:

Internet Public Library

Google Scholar

(note that this is different from regular Google)


Microsoft Academic Search


Cornell University’s arXiv

(open access sources in math, biology, physics, and other fields)



Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)


Your local library

Your thesis statement and paper must address both the literary qualities and the social issues

as you evaluate the novel, Frankenstein

Develop your essay so it has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Ensure that each of your claims is supported with valid  evidence from the novel, Frankenstein, and at least three other credible external sources

This assignment should be at least 750 words.

Using proper MLA style, insert parenthetical citations and signal phrases for all borrowed information in addition to a Works Cited page for Frankenstein and your chosen external sources.

You have several options for this assignment:

PICK ONE of the Seven OPTIONs

Option #1: Can science go too far?

There is an ongoing battle between faith or spirituality and science that has been active even

before the time of Mary Shelley. What are some of the dilemmas she addresses that are still

important today? What are some of the ethical questions she brings up regarding the

scientific definition of life and death? What does she illustrate the power science has

to blur the line between life and death? What is the current news item that is similar to this


Hint: Develop a thesis that answers a question like this one: “How and how well does Mary

Shelley’s Frankenstein address ethical issues of science and/or faith for audiences, regardless

of when they read the novel?”

Option #2: Discovery

Both Frankenstein and Walton are trying to discover something important to them. What

parts of their real lives drive them to discovery? Does that drive still exist today? While we’ve

mapped the globe, are there still geographical places for people to explore? In science, are

people still trying to discover the meaning of life, how to save life, and how to defeat death?

What methods do they use? Are there better ways to accomplish these goals than others?

What are some of today’s motivations for discovery?

Hint: Develop a thesis that answers a question like this one: “How and how well does Mary

Shelley’s Frankenstein address human discovery as a theme?”

Option #3: World Perception and Prejudice

Reread the paragraph where the creature describes the book from which Felix teaches Safie.

It begins: “The book from which Felix instructed Safie was Volney’s Ruins of Empires…”

What are some of the perceptions and prejudices from the book that Felix teaches Safie?

How have these perceptions and prejudices changed, if they have, in today’s society? What

are some present-day situations and references that may claim a lack of prejudice or open-mindedness, but, in fact, are still very prejudiced, racist, sexist, etc.? Why do you think

these situations still happen? Can anything be done about it?

Hint: Develop a thesis that answers a question like this one: “How and how well does Mary

Shelley’s Frankenstein address human prejudice in the world throughout time?”

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