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What is the law?

Some rules made by state or courts are called-” Law”. These rules are made to control or change our behavior. It plays an important role in everyone’s life. Everything we do in our daily life is governed by a set of rules. It is used to settle disputes, it controls what we can do and we cannot, it punishes and to govern. It plays the main role in our economics, political and social life. It doesn’t matter if you like the law or not, If you disobey or break the law - you will be forced to pay fine, go to prison or pay for the damage. Different countries have different rules. For example- in the united state we must drive our vehicle on the right side of the two-way street.

If there is no law there will be no government, lots of crimes, no one to save anyone if they are in serious trouble.

Types of laws

  • Criminal law: These types of laws made to find and punish people who have broken the laws by committing crimes.
    • Two types of criminal law:

    • Misdemeanor: It is an offense that includes lower-level criminal offenses such as traffic offense, petty theft. Penalty for a misdemeanor crime is normally one year or less.
    • Felony: It is an offense that includes serious level offenses such as rape, murder, dealing drugs, etc. The penalty for a felony crime is one year, lifetime prison or death.
  • International law: It is a system of agreements and treaties that governs how nations interact with other nations, related to the business of that nation and citizens of that nation. It involves: preventing wars human rights, trade between states, treatment of refugees, preserving the environment, arms agreements, and controls, etc.
  • Corporate law: Corporate law is one of the most common law opted by students these days. It includes practice, rules, and regulations.
  • Constitutional law: It includes the fundamental principles which give the power to the government to exercise its authority. It grants a particular authority to the government like- tax management and spends it on the benefits of the people.
  • Labor law: These types of laws oversee the relationship between employers and employees. It ensures that employees are not taking advantage of the corporation. It governs issues like benefit disputes, collective bargaining, unionization.

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